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Post by tildebyte »

@ latheix:

This one is also very nice. I'll say the same thing I keep saying (boring, I know :P ): The flame over the 'i' will lose all of it's detail at any size smaller than what's here. I'd probably try making a simple teardrop shape with a gradient.
latheix wrote:Hy, here is my proposition:

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Post by dhi67540 »

Not very imaginative but I thought - what the hell.....




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Post by RockMtnMesh »

A simple logo.... Done in Inkscape, I'll be happy to post the SVG if there's interest...

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Post by JGable98 »

Here is my logo design


and here is the Inkscape file

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Post by Bardes »

I really liked latheix's logo, so I made a B&W and simpler version of it:

(click to enlarge)

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JasRock Contribution

Post by Jasrock »

Hello !

Here is my little contribution to this great project !

First, a color version

And two B&W



The font used is named "Teutonic N°4" and is the art of Paul Lloyd. It's free if i'm not drunk ! ha ha !

It's available here : Paul Lloyd Jewels
And also there : Teutonic on Dafont

Here is the svg : Sintel Logo

And... That's all !! :lol:

I just hope it helps or inspire at least !
Bye !

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Post by hamsterhill »

Heres what i have so far... i don't like the font i used so i think im going too change that and resubmit it.

this is the first time i've used inkscape and its bloody hard too get used too so i used flash too do most of it and then imported it. .svg file

EDIT: here is my second attempt
the .svg file for this one is a mess...*shakes fist at inkscape for being hard too use*
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Post by cassandrasyndrome »

Hello, are you guys sure that you really want to do contest? I have seen nothing but bad outcomes whenever a competition like that is organized.

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Post by NateW »

Just a WIP, still have to add details. Going to try erosion and see if it works. Not sure on colors yet. Also, I'm thinking this has too much going on, but not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Post by ton »

Thanks for all the contributions! Just keep going on submitting. :)

For inspiration, I've always been amazed by the quality of community art on the website.

Just a rondom pick from their frontpage: ... of-a-logo/

Great stuff there.


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Dragon's Cavern

Post by paperpalette »

I've been visiting sintel page since the beginning and it has influence me the true potential of opensource programs well of course including BBB, and elephants dream even the beautiful artworks done in blender. And here's what i got in my mind for the logo


my concept was a sitting dragon that was turn its head back with its tail and the shape that it produce was a "S" form. I wanted to incorporate a bulk font for it to form "SINTEL" it was a blackoak std font but im still trying to use other font especially open fonts

that's all thanks
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Post by thenoviceoof »

Okay, here's my try:


You'll notice that I incorporated similar elements as latheix, HizaRo, and Jasrock: wasn't trying to copy HizaRo, but I'm shamelessly ripping off the ideas of the other two. I couldn't figure out if the font I lifted from Jasrock is freely usable or not, and one of us will have to figure it out. Eventually.

I don't like the dragon (yet), and I don't like the fact that the 1st half of the title spells out "Sin" (which is set apart because it's just straight text), which could bring up negative connotations (a tiny quibble, yes)? Also, I think my wisp-o-smoke/L (wait, that's supposed to be smoke??) is much less than convincing, and I'll have to see if I can whip up a better rendition. Eye is NOT supposed to be filled...

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Post by Cubbie »


A rather simple try.
Not made in Inkscape, can easily convert to SVG though or recreate entirely in Inkscape if necessary. I would have to clean it up a little anyway.

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S I N T E L - Logo Design

Post by dave76 »

Hi, here are my proposals for the new SINTEL logo. It was fun thinking about it Smile

U P D A T E D :D

You'll find them here:

Best regards, Nick
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Post by Nomis Animations »

My first work in Inkscape: (good Program +++)


It may need some improvements, feel free to post your opinion...