A video about how your handling sound?

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A video about how your handling sound?

Post by colincbn » Mon May 17, 2010 8:03 am

Hi all,
I love the Sintel production videos on the Blender Foundation YouTube channel. But how about one concerning sound? I know it is not technically a 3D subject, but I feel it is a major part of the movie making process that has been somewhat over-looked.
In fact I just sent this message to Jan Morgenstern:
Are you also handling sound effects, i.e. sword swords clashing, cloth ripping, etc. for Sintel? If so would you object to making a short video on your techniques? I figure you might not want to give away all your secrets, but I have been feeling this is an important aspect of the film's creation that is going unmentioned in the Blender Foundation videos.


I know you are all pressed for time in a serious way, but I hope you you and he can get together to make a short intro to how you are making the soundfx come together.


p.s. I love the trailer.

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