This "new" GUI is terrible. Please bring the old

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This "new" GUI is terrible. Please bring the old

Post by tsgfilmwerks »

Why did people have to ruin my favorite 3d program?! The old, pre 2.5 GUI design was perfect, but nooo, "It wasn't like Maya or 3ds Max." That was a good thing. Now I can't even use it; all of the controls are screwy, the keyboard shortcuts have been jumbled up, the GUI is cluttered in non-sensical ways, and I have to completely relearn every aspect of the program.

To better explain my point: in blender 2.49, the buttons panel (which is now the properties panel) was at the bottom. So, in 2.5, I rearranged this properties panel so that it wouldn't be as alien to me. I was shocked to find that, when all of the buttons of the panel in 2.49 were nicely layered so that they could fit in a small space, the 2.5 properties panel, when aligned horizontally, extended 4x outside the page! Even after collapsing every section of it, the panel still extended to an arbitrary point 4x outside the page! There was even a section where, I kid you not, 25% of the panel was blank due to it being the word "Scene".

2.5 added a lot of neat features, but these are buried under the unnecessarily frustrating GUI. 2.5 needs to be more compact - I'm tired of seeing an entire section of a panel dedicated to a small amount of information, when in 2.49 these were compact and efficient to find.

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Post by KittenKoder »

Like the adjustment from to something new there will always be differences. I'm barely getting use to the new names, they feel dumbed down to me, IPO is now Graph Editor. But as I look more into it, there is a lot more in the controls than before, which is a huge benefit when designing. Though their new controls do not fit well horizontally, it was hard fitting everything you needed in the 2.49 version anyway. Play with the program before you start actually using it, click things to see what they are, move them around a bit, eventually you will find your perfect layout and break out of the old one.

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Post by ldo »

Before trying to criticize the changes made to the UI in 2.5x, have a read of this: ... ers_ui.pdf.

tl;dr version: the Buttons Window had become a dumping ground for all kinds of random functionality. Organization was deteriorating (Why have to keep switching between two different subcontexts for texture settings? Why two different Mesh Tools miniwindows?). The new UI is vastly streamlined and much easier to find things in. And it prefers a vertical layout now, which fits in better on the wider screens we’re using these days.

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Post by stiv »

Why did people have to ruin my favorite 3d program?!
Don't think of it as ruined. Think of it as Under Construction.

It is a common mistake to think of the 2.5x project as an attempt to remake Blender's UI. It is not. The goal is to refactor Blender's event handling.

Ok, so why does the UI look different?, you ask. From a user point of view, the interface *is* the program. Redoing the event handling system involved massive internal changes. This meant the UI code had to be rewritten. Rather than evolving like it originally did, it was done all at once. Think of it as a placeholder that can and will be improved.

Right now, development is focused on squashing bugs and restoring all the 2.49 functionality. The following phase will focus on returning Blender's now customizable interface to its former efficient glory. In the meantime, enjoy the customizable hotkeys!

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Post by Fizanko »

I agree, while in term of "eye candy" the 2.5 GUI seems to fit the bill, but for a modeller what's more important is that in term of functionality, ease to use and quick usage, the 2.5 GUI is really bad :

-antialiased font that become very blurry when you zoom the panels out to fit more on them on screen.
-2.49b had nearly every function and settings available by a click or two, making the workflow very quick. 2.5 has in addition to simple click the need to drag panels, develop them (or undevelop them), adding more wasted time in fighting the GUI when the primary focus should be the moddeling in itself.
-The new GUI affect performance, look into this thread : ... .5-UI-font
to see people experimenting with non antialiased font and report a much more responsive GUI.

This would not be such a problem if the 2.5 GUI was as "customisable" as supposed to be, but try to obtain a 2.49b-look alike interface scheme by moving panels and etc.., unless you're a coder that can do whatever you want with the source code, as a simple user you just can't by only dragging panels, some panel titles will not follow correctly their panel location, the settings lines locations are not customisable at all etc...

I'm thankfull that 2.49b always exist, it may not have "eye candy" GUI, but it has a more quicker to use one that does not waste the modeller time, it is much more readable when zooming in or out and is always very responsive.

I strongly hope that the future Blender 2.6 will feature a 2.49b-like interface as an alternative GUI for those that the horrible and clunky 2.5 GUI are putting off.

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