Blumialstudios needs a 3D characters animations modeller

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Blumialstudios needs a 3D characters animations modeller

Post by amilcojazz »

Hi all

Hi I'm Aldo Scoppa from amilcostudio I' a composer sound-designer and level designer for videogames and media. It can sounds strange to read about a musician that want to create a team but I have many experiences in the videogames and I would to start a point and click adventure for years.

Now I'm writing as a member of Blumialstudios.

Blumialstudios is a swiss softwarehouse developer of "Auorora the secret whitin" an adventure point and click. Now we're developing a new game producing our project in Wintermute engine. We need a 3D artist who can produce characters and animations for our game. This is not a free game.

whoever want to start a partnership with Blumialstudios can contact us at:

Thankyou for the attention

Aldo Scoppa

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U still want some help?

Post by lcampbell88 »

Hey, I know u posted this a while back but I'm interested in working with u if u still want the help. I'm a 3d modeler and animator, though I do more of the former than the latter. I'm on this site trying to find some help for my idea but I figure I should give before I try to receive. So love to talk about what u want to do. Here's a link to an animation I placed on youtube to give u an idea of my abilities:

I can do more realistic characters if need be. Reach me at

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