Surface Reconstruction in Blender3d

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Surface Reconstruction in Blender3d

Postby jazzros » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:03 pm

Hi All.

Some time ago I conducted a survey - whether or not demand the ability to import geometry from IGES/STEP/X_T files to Blender3d.
And as it turned out, much more interesting is the ability to export the geometry from Blender3d.

Obviously, this is a completely different problem. But we have turned their attention on Surface Reconstruction, since the question is more relevant.

I suggest you try our free tool: Surface Reconstructor for Blender 3d, where you can create or load any surface-mesh and save it to Rhino-3dm file as surfaces(as analytics as NURBS).

You are welcome to download Windows PlugIn installer from here and let us know.

Hope you enjoy our product and it will be useful for you.
Also hope to hear from you valuable advice and recommendations for improvement.

My team and I sincerely hope to create a good, convenient and healthy product that would be available to all comers.

Waiting for your feedbacks.

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Surface Reconstruction Tool for Blender3d. New Release.

Postby jazzros » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:53 am

Hi folks.

I am happy to provide your consideration of improved Tools for Surface Reconstruction in Blender3d. With your help we were able to focus on the most important aspects to improve the product.

I sincerely hope that the Surface Reconstruction Tool for Blender3d will continue to be interesting and useful for you. I also want to add that we are not going to stop there and want to develop further functionality.

We look forward to your help, to joint efforts to achieve the best results, and are waiting for your valuable suggestions and advice for the further development of this product.

You can read about latest release of Surface Reconstruction Tool here: ... l-for.html

To download latest release:

Once again I want to say thanks you to all who are interested in our product and helps us in creating it.
Will wait your feedbacks.

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