Blendswap in !!!

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Blendswap in !!!

Post by erik90mx » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:34 pm

first to all... I have bad english ;)

The reason for this post is the next, I'm a daily user (seriously ...) of since the 2.40 version.

I always use the page to read the Blender news in Blendernation and things like that jejeje

well... is my home page (that say everything).

But like a blender user I want to have my whole "blender's world" in this page!!!
I want to have the facility to finding in the main page this amazing site that not all the blender users know... and most NEED TO.

come on! I really think that this will help both... the persons that download Blender at first time want test it with something!! and this page offer them a large data base with many many .blends file to test.

Blendswap is full dedicated to the blender community... and they really deserv some space by I think...

Greetings and cheers for the new 2.57 version!! ;)

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Post by yzubkov » Mon May 02, 2011 12:54 am

I agree, seems to be a very good resource for any Blenderer. I would like to hear if they tried to submit their site using this link ( ... it-a-site/). And what was the reason for refusing the listing. Their resources are free (Creative Commons) and they are doing a great job promoting Blender (link to this site is displayed prominently on the home page).

The reason not many people find that site is because it is barely visible in Google. The site links are not well optimized. Google does not seem to be able to follow their image links, plus it is heavily discouraged to have image-based navigation system. You have to use some trickery to get around that.

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Post by stormbreeze » Mon May 30, 2011 8:16 pm

well, I found out about blenderswap because of the durian project, so they did help them out, not to mention increase the content a lot (they had like a content request thing for the movie r smth, can't really recall)

btw, it's under user community :wink:

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