Space-Related Film Project - CGI

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Space-Related Film Project - CGI

Post by danvds3 »

At this moment in time, I don't know of a script or storyboard formed however me and a friend have planned some elements of a sci-fi film involving photo-realistic 3d imagery. I have designed a Mothership that will be composited onto a video large above a city, town or landscape. The 2D compositing, I can do; The 3D modelling, I can't.

I know of Blender and I am aware of it's power, plus a friend of mine has begun modelling the mothership from my illustrations. If anyone wants to give tips on colour, texture, bumpmaps etc. feel free. I was thinking of using a Halo 3 kind of texture found on the ghost for the mothership (Glittery dented purpley pink plastic/metal) And see the blend file for an idea of what we're trying to get.

I also want to have a bumpmap/displacement map on the 'skin'/armour of the ship where dents in the shape of scratches are found. Again, halo 3's ghost is what I want, those dents (Click here). If anyone disagrees with the colour (maybe dark green, rusty brown would look more photo-realistic) or maybe layer effects and colour correction will bring the ship closer to realism rather than solid colour? Also, what could I add to the model to make it look like a mothership rather than a toy? Vents, protrusions etc. Where, can someone do a rough model?

We will eventually need a soundtrack (preferably orchestral) be it VST-based, real instruments or both. We don't have a budget as we're in college/uni (as you'd understand). We can coup money together if it becomes big enough (as I said, there's not even a script or synopsis yet!)

Other models may include modern earth (cityscapes) army vehicles, weapons, aliens. I can't use blender myself and my friend is learning but anything photorealistic is off our hands at the moment. If anyone has textures and models they wish to donate, feel free.

Click here for the blend file for the mothership along with an illustration of the ship. I also have a pen sketch of the mothership and a scout ship. Another thing is possibly names for the ship and scout, more alienesque...

Remember this is an open project, contributers will be credited. Thanks in advance,
Daniel VDS.
"An artist's mistakes are His best work" - me.

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Re: Space-Related Film Project - CGI

Post by jbeatnik »

Count me in when you need a score. If you can at least get a few scenes that are interesting enough and look great we can make a short teaser trailer and raise money for the project. PM me if you'd like to discuss it more.

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