wind effect and dynamic hairs

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wind effect and dynamic hairs

Post by pknobloch » Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:56 pm

i'm just trying to make work , dynamic hairs and some wind effect , when i added without dynamic hair , the hairs were affected by wind and when i'd turn on dynamic hair option i didn't see wind effect on hairs any more...
so i tried once more on the basic starting scene with the cube added hairs , wind on same cube , worked, adde dynamic option ,worked too, turned of wind , wind effect while playinback the scene and rotating the cube , but wind effect continued a little moment and stopped , and restarted wind but effect didn't restart (all on the primary cube) while playing i'd duplicated the cube so with two haired windy cubes the wind effect came back and already works with more cubes ....
but this looks working randomly , and in some scenes i couldn't waste object an redo them without knowing if it will work.

but, many thanks for the heavy work from developers , Blender looks really easier to use than Maya and his friends.


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