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Post by stormfarron99 » Tue Jul 26, 2011 11:03 am

Hello again, I have stumbled upon an old RPG Maker VX project called Crystalium Chronicles. I wanted to recreate this game in Blender. I was hoping for a team to help me work on this project. This is not intended for money but for those who are gradually willing to help create a beautiful game.

I am in need of:

1. Character Design - I have drawing of what each character looks like. Your job would be to recreate it into Blender as a 3d model.

2. Model Rigging - Your job would be to create the rigging for the characters 3d models.

3. Set Designer - I also have art for the set of the game. Your job is to create the scene's of the game and maps.

Here is the story of the game:

Long after the 300 year war in Aspire. Storm Barron and his friends Sissy, Gunther, Rain, Clouse, Hope, Harper, and Jakob stumble upon what seems to be a machine like man that seemed as though it was made back in the war. The machine had activated and branded the eight. Each granted the power to use Magi. Magi could not be used by hume's.

The eight were given a journey, the only twisted thing is that they don't immediately get it. The more they progress in this tale, the more they get closer to their objective. Being as they are branded the other humes don't take pity on them and cast them out. For those branded only cause trouble. Many try and stop the "heroes" on their journey, they are always on the move since the enemy state Kring is always trying to stop them from completing there journey and fulfilling there purpose.

As secrets are revealed, so does the power that lies within each character.

All who help will be given a special spot in credit's :) just as real video game creators do.

Contact me by email if interested :)

-- moderator's note: Changed 'Hiring' to 'Recruiting' in the post title. 'Hiring' has a specific meaning that involves getting paid.

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