ePMV model molecules (DNA, proteins, lipids) and EM data

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ePMV model molecules (DNA, proteins, lipids) and EM data

Post by grahamj » Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:54 am

Its been ~a year since we announced the α release of ePMV on CGtalk. We've been hard at work adding features and stabilizing/simplifying the installation. We currently have a 64 bit version available for Blender 2.58a on Mac OS 10.6+, and have always had 64 bit for 2.49b in Linux.

Be sure to install BioBlender as wellImage (runs on Windows and Mac/Linux via Wine as per their instructions). The two plugins can work together (though, for now, it may be easiest to have separate instances of Blender running to avoid installation issues) and while ePMV can provide chemical coloring and volumetric map isocontouring solutions, etc., BioBlender, for one example, is particularly brilliant for generating sophisticated animations for forcefields, etc. as demonstrated on their site.

The embedded Python Molecular Viewer (ePMV), runs molecular modeling software directly inside of a variety of professional 3D applicaitons (called hosts).
The combination provides:
• Tools to accurately and instantly build DNA, Proteins, RNA, Drugs and other small molecules, lipid bilayers, etc.
• Tools to assemble professional quality visuals and to perform computational biology experiments with relative ease
• Intuitive GUI workflows that help users set up animations ranging from easy turntable rotations to sophisticated mechanism of action movies
• A common Python Platform that allows users to initiate sophisticated algorithms like molecular dynamics or docking energy calculations on the fly and to interoperate multiple algorithms at the same time on the same model
• One-click updating once installed
• Built upon PMV, one of the worlds most flexible and powerful molecular modeling/graphics software packages
• Download and Install free from our website http://epmv.scripps.edu and get started with written and video tutorials

By enabling easy exchange of algorithms, ePMV can facilitate interdisciplinary research, smooth communication between broadly diverse specialties and provide a common platform to frame and visualize the increasingly detailed intersection(s) of cellular and molecular biology.

ePMV plugins currently supports:
Cinema4D 11.5 & 12™ (11.5 died with Py4D expiration)
• Blender 2.49 (both 32 and 64 bit on Linux, 32 bit on Mac/Win)(& 2.58 64 bit on mac)
• Maya 2011™


Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

Examples of molecular representations produced with one click are just the beginning of what is possible with this package- please visit our website for details:


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