BGE: Sensor (Incorrectly) Re-Activating on State Change

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BGE: Sensor (Incorrectly) Re-Activating on State Change

Post by balajeerc » Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:27 pm

I seem to have run into what looks to me like a bug in the logic graph evaluation. I would like to confirm the same (i.e. ensure that this was not the way it was intended to work) before posting a bug report.

The sample file illustrating the above problem can be found here.

The problem, w.r.t the file above, as I see it, is as follows:

In the logic graph for sensor named 'propEq', when running the game engine checks whether the property named 'vard' is equal to 1. Since this variable 'vard' is initialised to 1 and not changed thereafter, the propEq sensor, during startup, sends a pulse to the connected controller named 'And' which in turn animates the door via the linked FCurve controller.

Note that the 'propEq' sensor does not have the 'Level' button enabled.

The up and down arrows change the state of the door from 1 to 2 and back to 1 respectively.

The trouble is that each time the state 1 is re-entered, the propEq sensor triggers a signal even though it was never 'de-activated'. However, this should happen only if the 'Level' button of the 'propEq' property sensor was enabled.

Please take a look and confirm if this is expected behaviour.

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