2.6a Action Editor(rig-animation) wont work in Logic Editor.

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2.6a Action Editor(rig-animation) wont work in Logic Editor.

Post by wireframedragon » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:04 pm



I have been using blender about a month and have watched allot of tutorials and 100% of the time the result is as planned. but now iv hit a bump.

Iv a male model(mesh), Fully rigged and have added animations in Action Editor to Armature/Rig. Have already removed modifier.

Logic Editor
Sensor - Keyboard
Name - W - Forward
Key - W

Controller - And

Actuators - Action
Name - Walk Cycle
Type - Loop Stop
Action - Walk Animation(as named in action editor) + Continue
Start - 1.00
End - 40.00(Animation is 1-41fs)

Motion works when assigned to buttons, but for some reason actions/animations from action editor don't. any idea's?

Action Editor - Walk Animation - JPEG prnt scrn

Code: Select all

Logic Editor - Key(W) assigned action - JPED prnt scrn

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Post by OTO » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:15 pm

wow, your rig looks complex...probably those "gadgets" don't work in the game engine?

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