[UV Mapping] Cylindrical+Concentric

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[UV Mapping] Cylindrical+Concentric

Post by Dani » Sat Jun 21, 2003 6:58 pm

This must the place to post such ideas.

I've been modelling a character and today I decided to texture it.
good eh? :lol:

Well, i used cylindrical unwrapping. It came out pretty good... in fact, the torso/abdominals/head are basically a cylinder. the only parts where it messes up is where the modelling method becomes concentrical.

like the mouth, the eyes, the ears, the legs, the arms, the nostrils.

in these places the UVmap was overlapping...

So I thought there could be a way of identifying in which regions the modelling goes concentric-like and the parts that are cylindrical-like.

The cylindrical part is considered to be the main branch and the concentrical parts brach off this main branch.

Once the concentrical regions are identified* then in the UVmap these Con.. could be rendered seperately from the Cyl or really rendererd concentrically IN the Cyl part considering the base of the Con part as the largest, and the end of it as the thinest....

Hum? What do you think? was it clear? or do you want me to make it clearer?

Anyways, thanks for your reading!


* (if you beleive this is valuable, i can elaborate a little more to show how I think it could be done, I see an "AUTO" and a "MANUAL", of courese :-) )

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