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Post by Tehrasha »

williambettridge wrote:One thing that I find is a little bit annoying with using the space mouse in blender is that I can not pan left to right or up and down like I can in Inventor.


Is it possible to duplicate the free motion of the camera in blender? That would be much appreciated.
Currently you can pan up/down/left/right by holding down the shift key while moving the spacemouse. But yes, total free motion + rotation is on Mike's to-do list.

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Post by Tehrasha »

Update... for linux users at least.

Mike and I got the buttons working on the USB Spaceball 5000 in the latest builds.
You can go to Graphicall.org to download the latest bleeding-edge builds.

While we hammered that out, I asked him about the other navigation issues brought up here and on other forums. His response was..

Yes, better navigation is the #1 thing on my todo list! Adding support
for new (and old) devices is just my way of getting back into development.

To make your controller operate in 'Type B' mode (ie: moving the object, not the camera)
(Note: you must disable or uninstall the 3DConnexion driver to use spacenavd.)

Using the spacenavd drivers, you can either flip all of the axis in your /etc/spnavrc like this..

Code: Select all

# sensitivity is multiplied with every motion (1.0 normal).
sensitivity = 1.000

# separate sensitivity for rotation and translation.
sensitivity-translation = 1.000
sensitivity-rotation = 1.000

# dead zone; any motion less than this number, is discarded as noise.
dead-zone = 5

# invert translations on some axes.
invert-trans = xyz

# invert rotations around some axes.
invert-rot = xyz

# swap translation along Y and Z axes
swap-yz = false

# disable led
led = 0

# serial device
#   Set this only if you have a serial device, and make sure you specify the
#   correct device file (On linux usually: /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1, /dev/ttyUSB0
... etc).
#serial = /dev/ttyS0

Or you can flip them with the 3DMouse config widget..


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Post by williambettridge »

Thanks Tehrasha for your help.

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Simultaneous mouse input while manipulating 3D controller

Post by 3dbloke »

One of the powerful advantages of using a SpaceNavigator is the ability to do two things at once: mouse work on the model while manipulating the scene with the SpaceNavigator. At least that's how it works in Google SketchUp, where I can be drawing some geometry around a complex model and, without interrupting the mouse-controlled draw action, I can rotate, pan and zoom my view. This really speeds up the modelling process, bringing it closer to a physical real-world activity.

This simultaneous activity is not available in Blender 2.62, as far as I can tell. For instance, I grab a vertex and start to move it... I'd like to be able to navigate in 3D at the same time, but cannot. I have to complete (or cancel) the move part-way through, rotate/pan/zoom, and then pick up the vertex once more.

Is this something that will be introduced ina future release?

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Re: Simultaneous mouse input while manipulating 3D controlle

Post by Tehrasha »

The functionality should be there, since you can do simultaneous operations in sculpt mode. (ie: rotate object with spacemouse while sculpting with the mouse)

The only problem I see is that Sketchup likes to works along a dominant axis. Once you start moving a vertex along the X, it continues to to move along the X no mater how much Y and Z movement there is on the part of the user.

Without locking down movement in this manner, turning your model or scene while moving a vertex interdependently would quickly become a nightmare. :)

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Post by Batty »

It should move like in "fly mode".
Three axes,
while being able to work with Mouse or Stylus.

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