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Post by kara3d » Wed Jul 02, 2003 5:20 pm


The Scol technology officially went open source a few weeks ago. , Our community would be glad to find another modeling solution beyond 3DS Max, especially open source ones, like Blender.

We're thus looking for some developers who would be able to create an exporter dedicated to the Scol 3D file format.

In return, we'd be happy to promote Blender as a standard modeler to use in conjunction with our technology.

you can see some scol application on

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Post by kara3d » Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:03 pm

SCOL is a multiuser 3D technology (the 3D being only one interface among others), able to
put in touch individuals within a multimedia context, and centered on the notion of
communication between net surfers.

The SCOL technology takes the shape of a virtual machine that includes an original
programming language (the Scol language) and is distributed in two forms: a server software
and a client plugin. The same virtual machine is in fact running on both server and client

is represented on internet by 3 web sites : (the
association's official site , which centralizes all informations, the progress of
the different works, the adhesion to the association and its charter), (community site for the scolmasters, developers and beta
testers which is the exchanges' platform for creative members), (platform for all the developers who contribute
to the advance of the technology).

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