Please let us tweak DupliObjects !

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Tom Telos
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Please let us tweak DupliObjects !

Post by Tom Telos » Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:00 pm

Objects duplicated with DupliFaces are wonderful, in that they scale and orient according to each parent mesh face. But sometimes one would love to tweak a bit more. (Same goes for array duplication, particles, etc.)

Consider e.g. modeling a Cacatua-like crest of feathers.
With pyDrivers and ShapeKeys, I can get them to rise and fall and change shape a bit; but I would SO MUCH like it if one could, in Python, iterate over the parent faces, and, at each face, inspect the face's area, normal, index, etc. and, according to that, vary some object-level parameter of the corresponding feather. Wouldn't THAT be neat?

Presently (BF 2.63a) I can get as far as looking at the dupli_list associated with an object, and from there look at each DupliObject, but the few properties listed here are all readonly!

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