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Blender Cycles - Online Training

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HI -

Being very honest here - I'm completely new to Cycles and I'm getting confused on how to translate my material and texture settings for the Blender Render engine to Cycles.

Things I would do when setting my materials and textures for the Blender Render engine - well there isn't a setting in that area for Cycles. There may be a way to do it - but... I don't have a clue.

This is really apparent when I tried to follow along with a book I bought called Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook by Colin Litster.

I've gone through most of it and thought - that looks cool in Blender 2.6 using the Blender Render engine... wonder what it will look like using Cycles and found once i switched to cycles - all my materials and textures were gone for the entire project.

Took me a minute or two figure that out as everytime i rendered I got a blank white box with little black dots showing the outline of my objects then fading to all white as it completed the render.

So... i obvoulsy need help learning how to use and transcribe Blender Render setings to Cycles...

Is there a good series of Tutorials that go indepth not only on how to use the New Cycles but on how to take settings used in the Blender Render Engine and Materials / Texture settings and convert them over to Cycles?

From start to finish I mean - not Make a copper texture using cycles tut. But an indepth look at how to use Cycles.

Need to learn - ready to soak it up...
And can't render out this project till i do. :)

Please post all the links that will teach me the right way to use Cycles.

- chase -

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