DirectX Exportation of an Animation (Help)

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DirectX Exportation of an Animation (Help)

Post by lamagiverwilly » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:51 am

I have an animation that I am trying to export through DirectX (.x). I have the addon for directx exportation on through user preferences and then an addon selected.
Whenever I try to export it, I only get a static model and it does not move. I am exporting it like I would a regular model and was wondering if there were extra steps that I needed to take.
Sidenote: the mesh has bones(armantation), I don't know if that matters but I thought I'd include it.

I would [b]REALLY[/b] appreciate ANY help. I just got Blender a week ago and although I know how to use it fairly well, I'm still a noob at other things.
Anyone who helps me gets a cookie.

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