Blender Outliner Performance

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Blender Outliner Performance

Post by jamesan » Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:54 pm

Blender Outliner Performance

Hello, I need help in an attempting to organize a scene of neurons containing about 40,000 objects. Ideally I'd like to create a group for each type of neuron, and assign each synaptic structure as a child of the appropriate neuron.

I have a script that works correctly for a much smaller scene of two neurons. However blender falls apart running the script on a full-size dataset.

The function to assign objects to groups completes, but the outliner becomes unresponsive and blender hangs.

The script function to assign synapses to their parent neuron requires about 20 seconds to assign each object, which isn't feasible with 40,000 objects.

Are these blender performance bugs? Am I using blender in the wrong way? Any guidance would be appreciated.

To recreate the problem:
The scene can be found here:

The script is loaded into the .blend file and running it will assign objects into groups. The 'path' variable must be set to the directory containing the two text files which accompany the blend file. Running the script populates the groups which then makes blender unusable. The function to assign objects to parents can be uncommented to observe that behavior as well.

My Machine:
Blender 2.63a Win x64 (from
Intel core i7 960 3.3Ghz (4 core)
NVidia GForce GTX 580
Windows 7 x64

Thanks for any help

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