Is there any news on a new Blender Internal Renderer ?

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Is there any news on a new Blender Internal Renderer ?

Post by whitehawk74 » Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:21 am

Hi there.
I have been using 3D software for quite some time but am new to Blender.
I have watched a lot of videos on rendering. Cycles looks cool, but it doesnt suit my needs.

The Blender Internal renderer really needs updating.
I have come from using Mental Ray, V-Ray, and the 3DSMax Scanline renderer (which is quite good really).
I know MR and Vray can be used thru Blender, but the support is incomplete, also the yearly license is way too much for a hobbyist like myself.

I did a search on the forums but couldnt find any news.
Can someone please tell me if there is any work being done on a new Blender Internal renderer?
I would love to see a basic Scanline renderer. Scanline is Fast, clean and reliable.
Better (and easier) connection to some of the REYES renderers (not a priority for me at the moment). Reyes is Scanline anyway.
But most of all, I would love to see the Blender Internal Renderer swapped out for something like MR/Vray.
Both are great, and when not using GI/Caustics are also very very fast.

so TL;DR, Any news on a new improved BI renderer?
(direct links to news would be fine.. im not too good at hunting for info)

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