NURB data

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NURB data

Post by Door3 » Thu Mar 06, 2003 3:54 am

I have a great big bottleneck in my studio.

When I get finished modeling an object in Blender it's next stop should be the milling machine! At Door #3, the current next stop is to manually re-model the objects in Maya, Max or Surfcam. You can't machine from a mesh you see, and Blender is not giving me its surface information.

Or is it, and I just don't know which button it is hiding under...

This is a special request to you NURBs guru's (you know who you are), lurking about here.

Blender is such a profound modeling tool, that it is a shame not to be able to use the information it creates.

I have been down a couple of blind alleys that I might mention here.

There was a python script and a tutorial that showed the NURBs directories being accessed in MySql, but I was not able to re-produce their results in my study. I was however coming into Python, databases, MySql and CGI scripts compleatly cold.

I have experimented extensivly with Mesh/NURB translators like Okino with mixed and disapointing results.

I have pounded my head on my keyboard. (That did not work).

There must be a way.

C'mon someone, help me out. I will machine a Blender models for you .

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