Fields: Even=Lower, Odd=Upper, mblur bug?

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Fields: Even=Lower, Odd=Upper, mblur bug?

Post by LukeW » Thu Mar 06, 2003 3:29 pm

I've been testing field rendering to make sure my animation is as smooth as possible on TV. When I import an even field-rendered AVI as Lower field first, it looks really smooth on the TV, and flickers if it is imported as Upper field first. So it seems even=lower. And odd field rendering is upper field first... unless motion blur is involved... ...

Here are the blend files for the tests I did with field rendering and motion blur. It includes PAL and NTSC versions - but my DV video camera doesn't support NTSC so I couldn't see the NTSC renderings on my TV.

Anyway, the even field ones, when imported as lower field first, look smooth on my TV, but when the odd field ones are imported as upper - or lower field first, they look a bit jerky...

I think the motionblur might be calculated in the wrong direction for odd field rendering...

BTW, I think the names "odd" and "even" should be avoided at all costs... software now usually uses the terms "upper" and "lower" fields.

"Upper" would mean the 1st field first, and "Lower" would mean the 2nd field first...

But "odd" and "even" don't have a clear meaning.... if the field numbering starts at 0, the first field is the even field (field 0)... and if the field numbering starts at 1, the second field is the even field (field 2). (Something like that)

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