Import/Export framework URGENTLY needed;-)

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Import/Export framework URGENTLY needed;-)

Post by fateswarm » Mon Mar 24, 2003 12:53 pm

Since it is now open source, are there any plans to make

a) the export format to save all the work data in ASCII, kinda like Alias Wavefront's Maya "saves as" (you can choose between binary or ascii format).

That would make us people make whatever exporter they like with a simple parser written on what we know best.

b) there to exist an import/export framework ON the interface for all us that want to work with Blender.

Blender is one excellent piece of software. I really appreciate the fact of the efford some people have been into to make it open source. It is one of the diamonds of the open source community.

However, it would help MUCH on this efford to have a better way to cooperate with other existing programs of the venue.

Are there any plans to this topic?

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