My CVS isn't working correctly

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Steve F
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My CVS isn't working correctly

Postby Steve F » Tue May 08, 2007 3:33 am

I'm using TortoiseCVS 1.8.31 (CVSNT 2.5.03 bld 2260) on Windows 2003 svr. Last night (5/6/07) I tried for the first time to checkout the release build (blender2.43). It stopped part way through. I Aborted and restarted. It stoped on a different file. I switched to Update to finish downloading the tree and it stopped too. I aborted and restarted about 30 or 40 times before I got all the files (I hope).

Does this happen all the time? Do I have the wrong version of something?


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Postby stiv » Tue May 08, 2007 5:25 am

It is possible that the cvs server was overloaded/unavailable when you were updating. However, it has been pretty zippy since the blender sites were reconfigured and none of the developers have been complaining, afaik.

Most likely network problems or some weirdness on your box.

Steve F
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Postby Steve F » Fri Jun 01, 2007 1:36 pm

Update: I continued to have the same problem with SVN. I've found that ZoneAlarm version 7.0.337.000 on windows2003 server seems to be the problem. If I shutdown ZoneAlarm, checkout and update work correctly.

edit: confirmed - I installed ZoneAlarm version 3.7.202 (the latest older version I have), and now SVN works correctly while ZoneAlarm is running.

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