Feature requrest for Submiting news section.

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Feature requrest for Submiting news section.

Post by dj2 » Fri Mar 21, 2003 2:26 am

I was wondering if it would be possible to get the <code> tag added to the list of tags that are accepted in the Submit News section.

I'm writing a programming article and would like to put some code examples in the article and the <code> tag would be very handy.


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Post by matt_e » Fri Mar 21, 2003 4:37 am

I can't forsee any problems that using the <code> tag would cause, so I've enabled it. However since it uses the html <code> tag, all it does is change the font to monospaced, rather than the nice fancy formatting that [ code ] creates here in PHPBB. Looking forward to seeing your article!

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