Blender NLE / Final Cut Pro, usability - new Wiki entry

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Blender NLE / Final Cut Pro, usability - new Wiki entry

Post by indiworks »

I tried to analyse blender's NLE from a Final Cut Pro editor's point of view and added my thoughts to (point 4 in the Contents at the time of this writing).

This is not so much about missing features, but about finding a way to make basic editing tasks easier for the non coder/math geek user.

Maybe of interest...

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Re: Blender NLE / Final Cut Pro, usability - new Wiki entry

Post by HiNMity »

Good article. I have worked in Acid since its first release back in 98 and from a editors perspective being able to drop files in the sequencer without having to think about crossfades/loop points or clip resolutions gives a really nice and fast flow in the creative process.

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Post by christiankrupa »

Very good post and addition to the wiki!

This says most of what I would have if id taken the time.... the sequencer is an excellent fast editor and with some simple improvements along these lines could be brilliant..

the only things id like to add are

Some sort of multiple timeline ability - named compositions or timelines that can also be directly referenced as textures or images in the compositor - it is currently very difficult to line up edits that sit in 3d space or composites as they are controlled by frame in / out parameters - not particularly intuitive.

I dont know if the render refactor currently underway will make this possible but it would be nice to be able to chain sequencer / 3d / compositor renders together in any order - edit a comp into a timeline or as a texture that ultimately goes forward into a 3d render that is comped with other effects or a timeline.

I dont know if this sort of thing would over-complicate blender or its usage, but some sort of pipeline would enable some thing to be easier to achieve.

Also in the comp view, some sort of scrub preview - the combination of 3d motion and rendering with the comp engine has made blender almost suitable for motion graphics produciton, a la after effects... but what is missing is the ability to design the final frame in anything like realtime... im sure that an opengl preview, especially the one in the new glsl shader mode, put into the frame buffer for the compositor, rather than waiting for a 3d renderpass to be finished would work effectively enough - maybe then a script or some way of replacing 3d renderlayers with the multi layer exr layers for a a final tweak before final render...

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