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New Feature Idea

Post by PsychoBob »

Greeting everyone!

First, and foremost, I want to give a heart-felt thank you to the team of developers and testers who have made Blender the product it is today.

I had a thought I wanted to put out there:

Currently you can only allow spot lamps to create a conical spread using the "SpotSi" parameter. Is it possible to make the spread of a spots adjustable on both an X and Y axis (i.e. "SpotSiX" and "SpotSiY"?)

I think this would really help those of us who build out lighting rigs for sci-fi spaceships quite a bit - help to focus the lighting where it needs to be without having to much light "spill" into unintended places...

Many thanks for your consideration,

Eric "PsychoBob" Clark
AKA "GuitarEC"

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Post by Azrael »

And how about some handles (widgets) that are adjustable on the light for these properties, like a target, cone angle and so on?

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