How many pythonxx.dll's needed?

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How many pythonxx.dll's needed?

Post by tlozer » Wed Apr 02, 2003 9:43 pm

Does anyone know how many copies of pythonxx.dll are needed in my windows/system folder?

I searched my machine and found that I have both python15.dll and python22.dll (also with PythonCOM22.dll and PyWinTypes22.dll since I have the Python 2.2.2 full package) in my WinMe c:/windows/system folder.
Also I notice that I have a python20.dll in each of my Blender Creator(2.2.3) and Blender Publisher(2.2.5) directories.

I am wondering if all these differing versions of the python dynamic library are interfereing with each other since I am experiencing some instabilities when I try to run python scripts with either publisher or creator.

tia tlozer

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