Can we distribute the NaN compilled plug-in now???

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Can we distribute the NaN compilled plug-in now???

Post by bedsitter » Thu Oct 17, 2002 11:08 pm


Since NaN compiled publisher 2.25 have been released for free download, can we distribute the blender plug-in?



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Post by k-fish » Mon Oct 21, 2002 9:18 pm

Very good question. I asked something similar on elysiun, when the 2.25 version was still for founding members only. Since it is binary only, redistributing the plugin now shouldn't be a problem, but I'd hate to do something Ton (or the foundation, or whoever) dislikes.

And after all, it would be very, very, very cool if we could point to a download/installation place when embedding the plugin in HTML, that will actually stay the same for the next decade (or hopefully longer :)). This way automatic installation could greatly benefit.

Well, whatever, good to see all this happening!

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