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Network Support...

Post by Panther » Wed Apr 09, 2003 1:54 pm

Are there any experienced / interested networking programmers out there ???

If so, we ( the Blender community ) need your help !!!

Although I know there's many other things to do in the GameEngine, adding network support would be fantastic ( mainly because it's a feature which seems to have been ignored ).

Unfortunately, using Python scripts will never be as good as physically writing networking code into Blender itself.

I only wish that...

( i ) I could programme
( ii ) had some free time on my hands

Is anybody up for the challenge ???

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Post by z3r0_d » Fri Apr 11, 2003 5:54 am

some problems to worry about with network games

reverse enginering
system speed independence
more lag
keeping systems in synch

lag requires that systems try to predict what others will do, before they do, such that animations move smoothly (as possible). It also requires that events (such as gunfire) all reach the same outcome (a player is shot) on all systems. The latter can be dealt with by means of an authorative host system, but the specifics of system (and network) speed independence, synching systems, and events such as shooting, are relatively game specific. I would imagine it possible to build a everquest-clone with the quake source, but would it really be well suited.

Then, there is security. I can live with somebody cheating in a game I made, until I have to compete with their cheat. There are ways to keep cheaters at bay, but it will be dificult. More so with opened source. Packets will have to be encrypted (The DMCA will not stop decryption btw), and I know of no ultimate method when another blender can just be built that works around the cheaters 'problem'.

(I am not a network expert, nor do I do network programming, but I do look at algorthms for interest)

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Post by IngieBee » Fri Apr 11, 2003 9:07 pm

Actually, networking, that is online games/connections, was in the plans for the game engine. I'm sure someone will work on it after all the other things are covered. You aren't the only one who would want to do that!

So, it looks like we need to wait a bit more, but in the mean time, you could see what's up at Crystal Space ( ) because they have integrated networking, and a py script to turn your Blender "world" to a CS "world"


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