Who is interested in a Blender3d GUI redesign? [JPEG Mockup]

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Who is interested in a Blender3d GUI redesign? [JPEG Mockup]

Post by Callaginn »

To anyone interested in an easier-to-use Blender3d, here's a mockup that will hopefully inspire you....


Design Backstory:
I've loved Blender's capabilities from the moment I picked it up,
but ultimately, get discouraged every time I open the software. I've
known about the project for years, but its intimidating interface
has kept me from learning to use it. Just look at some other
popular, easy-to-use 3d programs like SketchUp & Modo. Those
programs, especially SketchUp, have shown how easy 3d can be.

Basically, I've already begun to reorganize the program & have drawn
a mock up of the interface. Even though I'm not experienced in 3d,
I've had a lot of experience with many different types of software
[and graphic design, of course]. My basic approach towards its
redesign is to base it off the best design elements of popular
drawing & 3d software. Blender shouldn't have such a high learning
curve. I'm hoping that this can help it become as easy to pick up as
a piece of drawing software.

I believe the programmers have done a terrific job on this piece -
and hopefully, through a redesign, we can encourage a larger user
base than there is even now. In the meantime, it might be a good
idea to go ahead and begin getting some feedback off of the design.

Attached is a JPEG of the redesign proposal. I'd love to hear some
feedback. Please contact me if you're interested in knowing more or
helping me out with this project. I'd appreciate any feedback or

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Post by mikeyzee »

Hello Callaginn,

If your going to compare blender's interface to anything it best be to the likes of Maya or Max, In terms of functionality i think blender is way beyond the scope of sketch up and modo.

Right now they are doing an Event system re factor which will allow custom menus, hot keys, etc... and i believe they are going to clean up the interface a little bit perhaps. But i think i speak for many people when i say the interface cant really be simplified too much more without losing functionality and speed. When you have so many tools under one hood it gets really hard to make it all look pretty... but i think blender has done an amazing job so far, and its only going to get better after the re factor.

your interface mock up, while being pretty good! also shows that you've only begun to understand blender. Spend a bit more time with it and you'll understand why that mock up cant quite work... in terms of the non overlapping gui with the many boxes, blender already does that...really the biggest difference i see between the mock up and the blender is that you've hidden all those many options and buttons we all need.

Like you stated before... your not as experienced in 3d as with other graphic design tools, unfortunately 3d is a whole different beast, doubly so when dealing with the "high end" types of blender, 3ds Max, Maya etc..

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