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I am not too often visiting this special forum group as I do not know nearly nothing about coding nor python. But as I know there are some brilliant python gurus :twisted: .

As you probably know Blender 2.46 will have implemented the possibility of python constraints. More info here

All Blender animators and riggers hope that this may be total storm of new and very useful constraints that are for example common in other application (or as for example MEL scripts).

So I hope it is not too arrogant to call hereby for PyConstraints Challenge!!!

What seems to be needed and would be highly welcomed by Blender users?

Here is very basic list of hints.
- spline IK constraint
- interactive pivot move constraint
- better stretch constraint (with controllable axes scaling)
- stretch & squash constraint (independent to object rotation) for nice ball rigs for example
- IK/FK smooth blending and switching
- rotation axes order constraint

All this stuff would be very helpful for rigging and animation. At the same time we could compete to commercial 3d apps features.

But of course feel free to code anything you would like to

And last but not least. Should we consider some prices as this is the challenge???
(More information on this later on ... )

Thank you very much for reading and even more to possible participants!

JiriH :wink:

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