Armature: ingame use

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Armature: ingame use

Postby DMBadCat » Thu Apr 24, 2003 3:42 am

how can we use an armature (bone) that has ipos under the "character" setting?
what I am asking is, when you use the character edit, for each individual bone, how do we use that animation in the game? when I turn on the game, it doesn't move, and the objects are "unparented" and are just floating in thin air! The other thing... I have a latice for tank treads, and it doesn't work in the game either! same results... any help?

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Postby z3r0_d » Fri Apr 25, 2003 5:21 am

lattices don't work in the game engine

for armatures you use the action actuator instead of the ipo actuator
if you wish to use ik, you need to 'bake' the armature (there is a buton I think in the action window, says bake) before entering the game engine
ik cannot be done in real time

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Postby DMBadCat » Fri Apr 25, 2003 6:42 am

aww dude! thanks man... really helped, now I can do all kinds of crazy things! 'preciate it!

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