Open Game: Casseopeaia

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Open Game: Casseopeaia

Postby woody730b » Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:43 am

Looking for a good team to help with a large project. The story line is completed. This will be a fairly long-term project.
Looking for people that can design characters, do high quality animations, work with python, and yes some programmers.
I am also willing to discuss any possible creative input or changes that may be necessary.
Will give additional info to those who are seriously interested.
This will also be testing a series of multiple endings based on character actions.

robert brannan
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composer for your game

Postby robert brannan » Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:03 am

I am interested in helping if you need a composer. You can find samples of my work at There is also contact info on that site

You can also find references for my professional work on my linkedin profile

I am happy to help if you are interested and I wish you the best of luck.

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Postby tresfx » Mon Nov 23, 2009 7:44 pm

I´ll be glad to help you with my modelling skill, also to get some knowledge and experience in game development :D
You can contact me at:
Hope to heard about you...

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Im In

Postby csotoFX » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:55 pm

Hey ill join i do more cinematics, then game, but i will do game modeling/ animating heres one of my cinematic shots i took from an animation

You can email me at and whats the project about basically? ... 000001.jpg i made it all in blender

Oh yeah and here is a human male i modeled, just to show how i do human models. ... an0001.jpg

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Postby cookyman » Thu Dec 31, 2009 4:37 am

Well im a noob but just asking wats the game going to be about

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Postby woody730b » Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:26 am

Sorry I've been away for a while. I just got transferred to Hawaii, and getting stuff settled in. please contact me if you are still interested at

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Re: Back

Postby jpedersm » Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:19 pm

I have been modelling with with tutorials for some time so kinda got the hang of it. Also just got the book blender for dummies yesterday and am noticing some new stuff I didn't know about. If you dont care I would love to join to give my self some more practice.

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