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Development suggestion

Post by Corniger » Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:20 pm

Hi there!

I'm new here and I'm learning Blender. So, yes, I'm a n00b and I do suck 8)
Due to this suckage of mine I came to buy a Video2Brain DVD tut for 40€ and found out that is uses a flash UI that basically is good, but sucks every imanginable part of the human body in one manner: it can't be moved or minimized.

As not everyone is as lucky as I am to own a big ass dual monitor setup where I let Blender run on one screen and Tuts (YouTube/Vid2Brain) on the other I asked myself one thing (remember: I suck, and I don't have the least clue about programming Blender):

Would it be possible to develop an implementation of a direct video stream (YouTube et al.), feed or simply a VLC player for locally saved vids into blender so it could play back vids (TUTORIALS!!!) in one split area while the rest of the screen could be worked in Blender? So to say: web2.0ize it?

That would be an awesome feature for n00bz like myself, because here at work I have one monitor only and it makes watching tuts and simultaneously working on blender a big pain in the butt.

Or maybe I just suck so much I didn't figure this was possible anyway :roll:

Thanks and PLEEEASE consider it, though it has nothing to do with Blender itself. But maybe it's not so hard to do? No idea. Just a dream.
Blender changed and improved my life by at least 50%!

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