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Multimedia Formats

Post by martino87r » Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:20 pm

Hi all, since the last year I've decided to not use any more any patent protected media content encoder. This means obviously not using MP3, FLV, AAC, WMV especially...Right now on the blender website I've found a lot of content that I cannot view because these require codecs that I don't want to use (or to buy).
Actually I use successfully the OGG for my Audio and Video contents (converted all my Music and Movie library) and also I have discovered that this format has interesting features and capabilities for streaming (and of course better quality for the same bitrate).
So the question is obvious, why don't use them as default in the Blender website? Why don't tell users that OGG codecs are FREE software, not covered by any patent?
Why careless users are still using WMV to encode their Video Tutorials?
However the problem is simple and this implies a simpler solution. Like for the question about using DOC document format instead of ODF. Whenever I receive an e-mail containing a DOC or XLS or any MS format, I just send back the e-mail asking for the money to buy a license for MS Office (yes that's true, I'm very poor) or send me the file in an open format (maybe PDF or even better ODF or a simple RTF).
So maybe it's better that someone writes a little guideline explaining this to users that provide content...

This is just a suggestion for a real problem of many Linux (and not only) users.

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Post by jesterKing » Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:11 pm

The problem would be less a problem if you were not so pragmatic about what codecs to use or not use. Even Linux users can use them through the mplayer project.

I guess in the end it is about convenience for both the creator and the majority of the target audience.


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