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Post by raygun11 »

Feature request:
I think that the left panel in NLA editor ( with names of objects ) should be scalable somehow ( manual or automatic - to objects names) . Now, it takes quite large part of screen.

Damian Pajda

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Post by elander »

These requests are mostly for moding games models:

=> I wish we could control normals per vertex, copy or change normal values from another mesh or align normals by hand. For snaping different meshes together they must have the same normals in the sharing vertices to look good.

=> Some text fields have a limit that is too short. I was trying to create textures long names and when exporting the mesh i found that the texture name was cut to "some_long_name.j" without any warning. Not cool. If it's not asking too mutch could we have texture names in text fields at least 256 chars length max ?

=> I wish i could have the grid for uv maping. I would like to be able to use the same options for transformation, seting pivot points, using a cursor, snaping to grid and all the cool stuff i can use in the other window.

=> The last feature i recomend and one that would be quite handy for game modeling is a way to associate user data to blender objects. This blender data could simply be a text string for later processing by an exporter script:

"collision=off; container=yes; activates=electrical_trap;"

User data is associated to most common game objects: vertices, edges, faces, objects, materials, geometry, etc To edit this data the user would have a button for each type of data to enter/edit user text.

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Post by nozmajner »

An idea: How about something like the 3d cursor in the UV/Image Editor window?

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UV tools

Post by jayr »

Wish list for the UV editor

Border Select. Exactly like the tools in the mesh editing mode.

Face rotation 90 CW CCW 180 CW CCW. accessible via space bar or right click. Context sensitive stuff. ;)

Quadify UV. converts all UV that are hightlighted/selected into quads similar algorithm as LSMC except constrains to a 90 degree angles. Really good for specific game textures.

Sew UV. Sews selected uv data into a single UV data chunk. Specified based on UV border selection. Atomatically moves not the current select UV chunk to the slected chunk.

Grid Display for UV texture ghosting tiled inifinitly. Possibly specifying how many times tile need to be tiled. (I messed around with the UV tile feature. Dropped it with confusion)

Smooth/Relax UV data chunk. Can apply a smooth function similar to tjhe Mesh Edit tool. Helps get rid of overlapping UVs and assists in normal map generation.

These are the few things that would definatly speed the work flow for OS game Dev :D

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Post by osxrules »

I should've posted my request about a more functional symmetry modifier here - the tracker thing wasn't working so I made a thread. Basically, it was to allow linking one side of a full mesh to the other instead of having to join the sides and lose vertex groups etc. If there was a way that you could join meshes without losing groups then that would work too.

Anyway, I have another one and that is to allow the GUIs of Python scripts to be scaled like native Blender ones with ctrl-mmb.

Also, the mouse wheel zooming is inconsistent. To zoom the 3D window, you use the wheel and ctrl-wheel is pan. In the panels, mouse wheel pans and ctrl-wheel zooms.

I may as well put my request for a 3D cursor in the IPO window here too since it is an interface change, though I posted it in animation.

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Post by womball »

I have a few ideas for blender 2.5. yeah I like to think ahead. ;-)
Anyway I divided it into 3 areas which I think could use improvement.

Vertex Painting could use a rehaul, its a little slow and the colors you paint with don't always show up the actual color they appear as when they render. Also more display modes for vertex painting (a shaded view would be nice) and an alt color selection so you can use two colors at a time.

A way to paint directly unto the models surface, including procedural textures, specularity, and transparencies. Modo 201 will be able to do this and its a very attractive feature imo. It would be great for cartoon style animations where your not going for photorealism. Also a way to output the textures as a uv map. Although if a blending option and layering was possible, realistic texture could possibly be achieved.

Wacom tablet support for texture painting


Multiple passes (I think this is being considered?)


Hard body Dynamics
Eisner Splines (Great for Squash and Stretch)
Smart bones? (I think Messiah uses these, and they look great)

I have a few lighting ideas too, but I need to get back to school to use maya again. It had some great lighting features.

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(Feature request) - multithreaded simulation

Post by Grolicus »

Posted here, since it seems the be only this sticky or the Wiki for feature requests:

Make simulations also multithreaded (not only render tasks).

Dual core systems will be common soon enough, and I am the proud owner of one since a few days. Yet Blender seems to use only one CPU for simulation purposes (e.g. fluids), waisting half of the available horsepower, even if threads are on. A pity, since simulations are amongst the most processor intensive tasks, and would benefit greatly.

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Post by womball »

Alrighty some new ideas for features.

In the ipo curve editor I think it would be cool to have a procedural sine waves for curves, or something that would allow to make a sine curve very quickly. This is great for texturing and would save a lot of time from manually doing it.

Also in the ipo curve editor, when your mouse over one of the attribute channels you should be able to see what they effect. As it is, the names are written cryptically (too me at least) and I have no idea what attributes I'm changing with the curves unless its a very obvious well labeled attribute.

As for the lighting improvements, I think there should be more types of lights to use and softer lighting for basic renders.

I would also like to render out to swf if possible. It would be awesome to render out animations small enough to fit on the web. This would be great for aspring animators who would like critiques of their animations.

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Re: About feature requests

Post by ToolMan »

broken wrote:...feature requests area of the tracker...
I'm not clear on exactly what is meant by "feature requests area". I find nothing with that label. Am I just missing it?


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Post by jesterKing »


First box about the official blender release, bottom righthand: feature requests wiki. Using tracker is a bit confusing, yes. But at some point I think it was actually the bforge tracker used for this. I see that the current link is broken, so I'll fix it right away.

--edit-- I'm unable to edit this particular thing myself, but I'll relay the info. The link you want to visit is http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Requests


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Post by kattkieru »

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but all of the links to various feature request forms / wikis / sites seem to be broken.

Thus, I hope it's okay that I post a feature request or two here. I did search the forums for toon stuff but didn't see any notes.

1) I'm assuming it's already been talked about, but I'd like the ability to turn on toon lines per object or per layer without using compositing. I figure this couls be done by using some sort of Toon Line node in the material noodles or by moving the toon line settings from global to the render layers.

1a) Kind of in line with the above, it should be possible to render toon lines per object regardless of object shape and alignment. Let me further explain: if I split a sphere along its diameter into two objects and render with toon lines on, I get this:


That doesn't logically compute. The separation between the two sphere halves into two separate objects, in my mind, says that there should be a toon line between them like so:


I fudged it by moving the sphere halves apart by the tiniest fraction. I would think this comes down to how toon lines are being calculated and that it was a conscious decision by someone at some point, but I think that being able to add toon lines at points where either objects intersect or simply end would be a boon.

Some people have talked about marking specific edges at which a toon line should be drawn, or having toon lines at places where two materials meet (in the above image, the sphere's diameter would be such a place). I don't think those are bad ideas either but in my mind would take considerably more work than moving toon lines to render layers and then drawing them per layer.

2) In interactive lighting mode the lights shown on models do not match gamma settings. I've recently gotten into setting blender's renders to reflect my monitor gamma, which results in much nicer renders (and a lot less "light clipping," as I call it, due to over-brightness). However, the hardware-shaded preview mode does not adjust to these settings and as such makes it difficult to get a good sense of my lights without doing a render, which is precisely what the hardware mode is around to avoid. I think that a similar calculation like that used to produce the gamma effect in the final renders could also benefit the hardware preview mode.

Thanks in advance, and I apologize if these points have already been brought up somewhere.

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import and export to .b3d (blitz3D)

Post by imagination304 »

My link was moved to the following:
http://www.blender.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 0864#50864
Happy Sammy

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Post by killer-cop »

Currently I am making a (warhammer) dreadnougt in 3D, and I am almost finished with the modelling, just need the "legs". When I am finished with the legs, I though about making some thick wires which is hanging loose and is moving ( for an example in the Dawn of War intro where the dreadnought shows up). Now a feature to do thing like this would be great. Some model physics or something.

I have tried it with a cube with a cylinder end going into the cube. It didn't work. :(

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Post by JWilde »

I want to submit the following feature requests to the developers:

Modeling: In Wings3D you have a very handy function called 'Dissolve'. It removes edges from adjacent faces to join them together. I think it would be great to have this functionality in Blender! I mean the possibilty to 'non-destructively' remove vertices and/or edges to join faces together.

Furthermore I would like if border-selection (BKEY) not deactivates after use, but stays active, just like the 'circular' selection tool (the 'second' BKEY press). That remains active until another tool is chosen or 'Escape' is pressed.

Finally, can you make a constraint so that those 'gestures' only can be used, e.g. with Shift+LMB? They always kick in at the wrong moment in my case!



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Post by killer-cop »

I have another request:

I like to animate the vertixes and I think it is cool Blender can du this.
But it does lack the possibility to REMOVE vertices, so it is possibly to make holes in a wall for an example.

I tried a while ago, too make a car crash, but it did not succed, when I couldn't make a hole by deleting the vertices.

This would be a nice feature.

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