Sugestion on making a team program?

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Sugestion on making a team program?

Post by thomasmendozajr » Thu May 07, 2009 10:06 am

Hi I have a suggestion for all blender users? I think that for the community we should get tied into trying bigger projects and get a team of that corresponding Project not just for the the fun but for a better knowledge for troughs of you that want to do what you love to do. Like for instance I might be good at one part of the project in blender but it takes a team to complete it.

I'm not saying to stay at it like a job, it would be just fun no dead lines or anything like that this way everyone will get the chance to try what you believe in doing as a career. Like someone that wants to do Special Effects for movies someone that may want to do the sound part, or the modeling and animation. with blender as we all know has the power to make anyone's dream come true and come to life. I love to get involved into a program like this because I would get to communicate,Have fun and get skills at the same time and the best part is look at the first complete video I and the team made with our credits at the end.

A Program like this would be awesome to have in blender and may even help it grow even more I see it as giving people that has true talent in creation a chance to experience, to get involved in the skills they want, And practice communicating with other developers and team member of that project.

I just thought It would be a good idea tell me what you think?

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