A Roadmap for Blender ?

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A Roadmap for Blender ?

Post by charlieg » Wed May 21, 2003 11:41 am

Here is a request, which I put in the wrong forum initially, for some form of documented roadmap for Blender to be online.
charlieg wrote:Would it be possible to have a roadmap somewhere on the site and linked to from the Main Menu?

Even if it is a basic list of features that are planned for upcoming versions, it will give people an insight into Blender's direction as OSS. A detailed list of features and bugs to be fixed for the next release would be fascinating as well as helpful for anybody who has a casual interest in coding for the project.

At the moment people are waiting for releases then getting disappointed because feature X or bug Y hasn't been considered yet.

It would also give a reasonable foundation for users to give feedback on the future evolution of Blender. If the support for a fix or progress on a component was strong enough, then it would help get it into the roadmap. At the moment, people aren't giving feedback on much more than the newsposts and forums because they don't know where Blender is heading (other than forwards).

Plus, if you put some rough dates in there, it'd give users an idea of when the next release is without having to check the website on a daily basis.


PS. Thanks to all those that got Blender where it is today. As a member of the OSS community, I'm grateful and impressed.

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