8 basic tutorials

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8 basic tutorials

Post by thorax » Tue May 13, 2003 9:12 am

I'm going to try to create a basic set of tutorials for blender that
cover the stuff you wished they knew before they took your class..
I'm hoping this clears up some of the things students run into when
using blender. I'm also working on my own class outline as I
figure I may end up teaching blender sometime in the future here..

I also put up a tutorial in realvideo 9 that covers Sequence Editor.


Feel free to mirror these tutorials..

My own tutorials which I design either for CDROM's I will sell or
for my classes (when and if I teach) will be more on advanced topics
like how to do effects you've seen in movies,
character animation and things of that nature. Just makes it tough if
there is no visibility for blender, students don't want to learn blender if they think its less than Maya but Maya costs money and blender
is essentially 70% of Maya so why not determine those who will
get intimidated in the first few weeks by handing them blender
before giving them Maya.. If they can't handle blender they won't handle Maya.. I've experienced this firsthand in 3D courses I took for several
years. Maya is just too much for a beginner to get up and working..

My tutorials aim to get users up and working as quickly as possible.
But what I aim to do may not be what actually happens.

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Post by mthoenes » Wed May 21, 2003 5:41 pm

Nice work!

These will come in Handy in the fall.


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