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New with some ?'s

Post by adstress » Tue Jul 28, 2009 8:57 pm

Why is it that every model program is different. spent the last day and a half trying to get my lwo's into panda so that a waste. Now i get blender and its the same thing just a different problem same result. Models with no textures. Tryed to bake them and i get "only 1 image found select a mesh that uses 2 images" maybe just me but i could use some help bad.
I got to step 3 and the error message comes up? ... le-images/

Listed in steps, this is how I do it - using Blender 2.48:
1. Load 3D model

2. For all objects of the 3D model do:
a. Select the object of the 3D model
b. Go to Edit Mode and select all its faces (press A)
c. Place seams if you want better unwrapping
d. Press U and UV-unwrap the object (I choose Unwrap (smart projections))
e. In the UV/Image Editor create a new image with Image -> New...
e. In the UV/Image Editor select all unwrapped faces (press A)
f. You might want a better unwrapped image using UVs -> Average Island Scale and UVs -> Pack Islands
g. In the 3D-view press Ctrl+Alt+B to pop-up the Bake window. Select Texture Only
h. In the UV/Image Editor you will now see that the unwrapped image has taken over the colors of the object's texture.
i. Save the unwrapped image. Image -> Save As...

3. Set the 3D view back in Object Mode and select all the objects you have unwrapped. Then in the UV/Image Editor choose Image -> Consolidate into one image. In the window that pops up, choose All Sel Objects (you also might want to select Keep Aspect to prevent the resulting condolidated image from stretching and/or you might want to choose the image size of the consolidated image larger than uwrapped images). The consolidated image is now created.

4. Export the 3D model to the proper format for you application (OBJ in my case)

5. In your application, load the exported 3D model and load the consolidated texture as a 2D texture

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Post by psullie » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:10 am

Try Joining all you objects (Ctrl J) before consolidating to one image.


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