The German translation

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The German translation

Post by ylai » Mon May 26, 2003 10:32 pm

I am aware that the Translation effort is in its beginning, but I would raise a few points in the German translation (as in the CVS) to the discussion:

1. The lexis. We need a consistent "dictionary" how words are being translated, like: "Mesh", "Grid", "Lattice" -> "Netz", "Gitter", "Drahtgitter" (which to which one is the most correct in the 3D computer graphics language?)

Or more tricky points like: "Donut" -> "Donut" in German? Or better "Donut" to "Torus" (possibly to consider that donuts/doughnots are not that common in Germany).

2. The grammar. The translator might want to review how phrases describing "actions" are translated in most localised applications, like how to position the verb and whether the verb has to be in infinitive or declined (of course, if there is such a difference in the grammar), and if declined, whether to use imperative, 3rd person singular or even conjunctive.

In fact, I noticed that most German localisation use infinitive verb at the end (like "Rendern starten"), while the current Blender German PO seems to be use the very uncommon 3rd person singular in 1st conjunctive ("Starte das Rendern").

3. The orthography. Blender seems to sometime uses a slightly own orthography for words like "IpoCurve". Should this be translated into "IpoKurve", "Ipo-Kurve" or even something like "Interp.-Kurve" (Ipo = interpolation in original)? However, it is likely not to be a good idea to keep the English orthography, like "NURBS Surface" -> "NURBS Oberfläche" (as found in the German PO file at the moment).

Since we probably want Blender to be a professional software, this objective must also be maintained during the translation. Therefore, I think that more discussion and considerations are needed for the translation.

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