How to create realistically looking milk glass lamps

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How to create realistically looking milk glass lamps

Post by Daniel90 »

I try to create lamps that consist of something like a milk glass housing through which the light casts. It would be really cool if I could achieve something like in these two images: ... od-001.jpg

I tried it with semitransparent materials, but they never looked so bright and white like in the renderings above and they would not cast the light from all of their surface like in the second picture, but just out of one point, namely the lamp that I positioned in the inside of the lamp.

Then I tried it with halo. Now the lamp glowed nice, bright and white but needless to say that also with this technique the surface of the lamp doesn't cast light. And the second problem with the halo was, that it (when used with a cube) rounded the corners *very* extreme.

Can't this affects be achieved with the blender render? Do I have to use something like indigo, yafaray or lux render? And if yes, is there any preference what to use?

Or am I just missing the point?

Thanks in advance for all answers!

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Post by psullie »

You could try using Subsurface Scattering and/or Radiosity rendering to achieve your desired result within Blender.
the first image looks like SS was used to get the soft glow.
The external renderers you mention are much better at this sort of rendering, if realism is your goal then you should dl these and try them out, each has their own strong points.

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