climate change and sustainability - a laughing matter?

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climate change and sustainability - a laughing matter?

Post by pelofixme » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:27 pm


I just graduated from an environmental master's program focused on climate change. The biggest issue with it is a communication barrier with the public which is due to it being either too hippie, boring, scary, i.e. none of the stuff people want to give attention to. I did my dissertation on using short funny user generated youtube videos to communicate on the issue while generating creativity and positive engagement.

I really believe in a more positive, humorous, social media approach to climate change communication and I am attempting to pursue this full time.

To be honest, I have good ideas on concept and stories, but I am an absolute debutant at animation and movie making. I just watched your elephant dreams and big buck bunny animations and they are FANTASTIC!

Would anyone be willing to collaborate their skills and creativity on the video side to such a project?



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