Features Request: Re-Editing, Array Rotation, Material Org.

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Features Request: Re-Editing, Array Rotation, Material Org.

Post by darczol » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:48 pm

Hi all!
I am not sure if these things have been requested before but I didn't see them in the latest 2.5 Beta Build. So... in order to prevent people from claiming "but no one requested it!" - straight to the point:

- Re-Editing of base objects: it is simply annoying to remove and create a base object each time when doing a small error on creation (e.g. number of divisions, height segments in a cylinder etc.). It is a pain to "re-invent the wheel" each time. Please make base objects Re-Editable after creation (Translate/Rotate/Scale is NOT enough for things like that). You might need to extend the options depending on the type of base object.
Also please include a pipe with inner/outer radius (there is already a script available) into the base objects which is used very often in common.

- Array Rotation: the current implementation of duplicating an object multiple times and aligning its duplications in a circle is not convenient, because:

1) the array modifier does not support precise rotation. It needs an "Empty" to work with, which must be rotated manually. The angle of rotation can only be guessed and there is no hint of a radius or else.
2) Therefore one must use "dupliverts" which is dependent on an additional circle-object. Again - since there is no Re-Editing of base objects in blender, you need to create a new circle each time (and Re-Parent the objects to the circle each time) you want to change the amount of duplicates! It is not very flexible.

I wondered why this is made so complicated since I've read comments from other users in 2006 who requested a better implementation as well, though ignored as it seems.
To get an idea of it, please, have a look on how easy it works in Cinema4D. In C4D it you can simply add an object to an rotational array and define radius, size etc. on the fly with precision, and also Re-Edit these values without effort.
It also hides the original object, therefore the 3D windows looks much cleaner in the end (whereas in blender the scene looks messed up with all the original objects *somewhere* between other objects. If you choose to make "real duplications" in order to erase the original object you will come across more problems - regarding flexiblity - to the point of heavy frustration). Especially in CAD/Machine modelling this kind of duplication (e.g. screws around pipe) needs to be done very often and it turns out to be very harsh in blender.

- Material / Color organisation: please organise and list the materials for the whole scene in a way that every material is viewable and changeable without (!) selecting the object the color is applied to.

- Join/Part Objects: when joining objects and later on disjoining multiple objects vie "P" in editmode, the pivot of _all_ disjoined objects is somewhere in the middle and therefore it is not possible to dynamically work with precise values (depending on the pivot of objects) Maybe an instance of each objects original pivot on itself should be saved when doing "Join".

I think these features would be an enrichment to blender, not only me would love to see these changes in a future edition. Thanks for reading.

Greetings, d.

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