Blender plug-in VS Flash???

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Post by przemekk » Thu Apr 05, 2012 12:15 am

schnapsten wrote:Man!
Today I remembered that opened-source-blender-browser plugin!
Is it still alive?
Anyone heard anything but this about it?
Is it in gentoo?
I havent seen any progress in the Blender web plugin since very long lime. But we are developing the other version as an external project. You may be interested in how it works now:)

Currently there is no mac version, but all major browser for Windows and Linux are very well supported. We also fixed many security issues with "online" Python. The current status of the web browser plugin (called Burster) is : secure :)

The plugin uses the blenderplayer so no exporting/importing procedures are required. Just embed the file at your website and have fun :)
Visit to get the Burster and publish your Blender files.

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