Our projects in Universidad de Granada (Spain)

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Our projects in Universidad de Granada (Spain)

Post by fmgomez » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:06 pm

We are a group of professors at Univesidad de Granada, in the south of Spain. Our teaching and research field is electronics, and we used Blender to introduce some concepts to our students.
First, we did an animation to show the concept of the density of states. You can have a look here:

Last year we did an animation to show the working proccess of an oscilloscope:

We have presented these works in international conferences, being the last one in Oporto (Portugal) last December (IASK conference).

I am the animator of the group. The rest of the team supports each project with its teaching experience, and provides ideas to improve the final result. They have an important role in the storyboard section.

If you want to contact with me, I will be please to know your oppinion about these projects. Future works are under way.
And, of course, collaborations with other working teams may be also an interesting point, specially with those in research centers or universities, but other collaboration suggestions could also be considered.

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