Durian choreograph blog video

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Durian choreograph blog video

Postby Spliteagle » Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:47 am

I wouldn't know how to contact the Durian project, but I know of an easy, inexpensive way to get realistic choreographs videos. If you visit the Belegarth website, you can learn how to actually have safe, full contact sparring. If you video tape the sparring match, you have an instant fight scene with medieval(or fantasy) weapons that can be very realistic. You can safely choreograph at full speed to get the proper human stances, postures, and body responses of a fight scene. If you get martial artists, then you could have even more realism. I'm sure that the people at the Durian project have a heart for making realistic, awesome movies. Someone do them a favor and introduce them to an activity that they could possibly really like and use in their film.

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