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Toggle Grid on and off function?

good idea? :)
that would be kinda neet?
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Toggle Gird

Post by hanzo » Mon Jun 16, 2003 9:40 pm

I was thinking of an interesting function, just an idea OO and it wouldn't be hard to implement toggle the grid in blender, with E + G keys.

might be a dumb idea but sometimes I wish the grid wasn't there.

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Post by diz » Wed Jun 25, 2003 1:26 am

It is already possible to toggle the grid. In your current 3d window, select the buttons window (the 1st button of your 3d window, on the left). Then set the gridlines value to 2 or less. Finally, go back to the 3d viewport and admire your scene without the grid! :)

But by the way, now that I'm speaking about these view buttons, I think that they may be greatly enhanced. So here are the additional features that I think would be useful:
- Switch hide/reveal for the object center points (this may also be inplemented to the edit buttons, so that it may configured individually for each object - like the drawtype that can be as well changed globally as individually).
- Switch hide/reveal for the 3d cursor.
- Switch hide/reveal for the grid without having to change the GridLines factor.
- Switch hide/reveal for each of the *3* main axes (currently it is only possible to see the x-y orange and gree axis in non-aligned views (never the blue z axis).
- Color of the grid (for the possibility to enhance visibility in some scenes).
- Color of the 3d viewport background (for the possibility to enhance visibility in some scenes).
- These two color settings should be independant of the theme (as I feel that some theme inplementation is on the way), but dependant of the 3d viewport as are the current settings.

As I'm a great fan of the render view button (the last but one button of the 3d window), I think that it would be great if all these settings would also affect this view. Because currently it's not possible to render the grid, or to change the color of the background for these quick previews, but that would be very useful. :)


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