File Browser Appears Inconsistantly

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File Browser Appears Inconsistantly

Post by daving » Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:08 pm

I posted a topic here:

Which I will copy & paste my part for you:
This is a problem I've dealt with by ignoring it for along time. But now I'm at the breaking point.

The Blender Save/Load Dialog always appears in a different panel.

Let's say I have my screen split in thirds: 3d Area Left, UV Image Mapper Right, and Tools bottom.

Randomly and unexpectedly the Save Dialog will appear in anyone of these.

In my current instance, if I Save my work, it appears Top-Left, like it should. But if I export a model, it appears on the Bottom bar, which is hardly enough room to see it.

Usually Blender is pretty good at making sure that it always appears Top-Left, but sometimes on some projects it changes without warning.

How can I ensure that it doesn't appear in a ridiculous place?

fyi, I tried searching this but I didn't know how to query it to get results.

It was suggested that I speak to Joerie Kassenaar or Carsten Wartman on these boards, as they might know a bit about it. I tried searching for these names but I couldn't positively identify a handle...

Any ideas on the problem or who to contact? Thanks...

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